Desktop Copiers

All about desktop photocopiers

Anyone who makes numerous copies of multiple-page documents on a regular basis can turn to a desktop copier for all of their copying needs. Desktop photocopiers come in all sizes and shapes and are fast becoming an important piece of equipment for home or small- to mid-sized offices.

All About Desktop Photocopiers

There are two kinds of desktop photocopiers available: moving-platen or fixed-platen machines. Moving-platen desktop copiers move an item being copied over the copier lens. These desktop copiers are typically less expensive than fixed-platen desktop copiers and may or may not offer reduction and enlargement features. If you know you'll regularly be copying from books or from other bulky items, a moving-platen desktop may not be the desktop copy machine for you.

Although fixed-platen desktop photocopiers are slightly more expensive than moving-platen copiers, if you'll be copying larger items, it is best to use a fixed-platen desktop copier which will have a glass copy plate. Some fixed-platen desktop photocopiers also offer automatic document feeds and additional paper trays.

Desktop photocopiers are also available in analog or digital technology. Many of the newer desktop photocopiers are being offered with digital technology because they can be connected to a computer and can reproduce sharper images. However, you can still find desktop copiers with analog technology, which will always generate a first copy faster.

How to Shop for Desktop Photocopiers

Once you have a rough estimate of how many copies you'll be making per month, ask yourself if there are any other special features you may want with your desktop copier. Do you want your desktop copier to handle various paper sizes and to have multiple copy capabilities? Will you be making color copies, reproducing photo images and collating pages? If so, you may want to consider getting a multifunction device that can handle copying, printing, scanning and faxing. Two other important features to consider are the cost per copy and the speed in which a desktop copier generates the first copy.

There are many desktop photocopier brands on the market and choosing an easily recognizable and trusted brand such as a Canon desktop copier, an HP desktop copier or a Sharp desktop copier is a safe way to go. Research the brands, learn about their different performance features and don't forget to inquire about the type of maintenance plans that come with these desktop photocopiers.

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