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Top copier brands

Do you know why a photocopy is often referred to as a "Xerox" or a photocopier as a "Xerox machine"? The first commercial photocopier that went to market was a Xerox photocopier in 1948. Today, Xerox is still one of the most recognized photocopier brands and they continue to produce quality copiers.

Search for photocopier brands online and results will call up the names of Xerox rivals, including popular photocopier brands such as Canon copiers, Minolta copiers, Ricoh copiers, Konica copiers, Sharp copiers and Panasonic photocopiers, among others. Think about the various photocopiers you've used in offices over the years and chances are one or two popular photocopier brands will pop to mind. With so many leading brands on the market, how then can you find the top copier brands?

Top Copier Brands

More often than not, you can count on your own personal experience with photocopier brands to find the top copier brands. Most people have used a Canon copier in the office. Canon is a brand leader and the modern lines of Canon copiers can accomplish almost anything an office worker could ask for.

Product reviews and buying guides are a good place to look for top copier brands. Many of the top brands listed in these reviews and guides continue to hold leading positions in the marketplace due to their ability to project a clear identity time and time again, their commitment to producing a line of innovative products and their knack for using the right marketing strategies to continually move up in the ranks.

Top copier brands can also be rated in categories such as color copiers or desktop copiers. The Xerox WorkCentre, for instance, continues to be a leader in the desktop copier category.

A brand may not be the leader in the market, but it may be the one everyone is talking about, making it one of the top copier brands where it matters – in the consumer's mind. Be sure to visit the websites of photocopier brands you've come to trust to keep up with brand leader news. You can also follow what the experts are saying about top copier brands on social media sites and industry blogs.

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