Multifunction Copiers

Find a multifunction copier for home or office

A multifunction copier is ideal for a home office or for a small- to mid-sized office. A machine that copies, prints, faxes and scans is not only a great space saver; it's also a huge money saver. While a multifunction copier may perform all or several of its functions adequately, it may not necessarily carry out all of those functions well.

Find a Multifunction Copier for Home or Office

Choose your multifunction copier carefully. If you are looking for a machine that will give you advanced faxing features, it's better to choose a multifunction copier fax or a multifunction copier printer fax. If high-resolution scanning is what you're after, consider getting a multifunction copier scanner. If you'll be producing promotional materials for your business such as ads, pamphlets or brochures, you might want to look into getting a multifunction color copier or for even better copying results, a multifunction laser copier.

There are also some key factors you should consider before getting a multifunction copier. Speed is the first thing you'll want to investigate with a multifunction copier. Many of the lower- to mid-price multifunction copiers are slow when it comes to print and copy speeds and this is especially true with color copying. Find the fastest multifunction printer you can afford and don't look back. When you're in the middle of printing or copying a large job, you'll want your multifunction copier to produce more pages per minute.

You'll also want your multifunction copier to have at least 8 MB of memory if you're using it at home or in a small office, but if you'll be working with large documents or if multiple users will be working from the same machine, your multifunction copier should have at least 16 MB of memory. The more memory a multifunction copier carries, the more it will cost, but the more jobs it can handle and the faster it will work. Don't let the cost stop you from getting a multifunction copier with more memory. You'll quickly notice how a lack of memory will affect the machine's copying, printing or faxing capabilities.

Pay special attention to the printer resolution. Scanner resolutions for multifunction copier printers tend to be low. The higher the dpi, the higher the quality of the image will be. The standard resolution for most printing is 300 dpi.

Lastly, you shouldn't buy a multifunction copier without first testing it in the store. Test each function separately to see how each one measures up when you run the machine.

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